Based on the client’s need, we provide one of the following types of interpretation:

Simultaneous Interpreting:

The interpreter simultaneously orally translates (interprets) the speaker's words. For that, he or she needs a simultaneous interpreting station (soundproof booth, specialized sound equipment, receivers, and microphones). The interpreting session reaches the audience in real-time through headphones. This type of interpreting delivers the best quality results due to the immediacy and fluidity of the communication. We have mastered the art of managing the team of interpreters, servicing meeting of up to five languages.

Simultaneous Interpreting with Infoport:

Infoport is a portable and wireless simultaneous interpreting station. It is made up of a simple technical kit (briefcase, microphone and headphones) that enables users to go to meetings and move around the meeting venue with no loss of sound quality. It is commonly used for guided tours, plant or factory visits and meetings with up to 20 participants.

Whispering Interpreting:

The interpreter stands behind the person or persons (maximum of 3 participants) who do not speak the working language and simultaneously orally translates (whispering) the speaker's message. He or she then interprets the client's responses back to the other participants. This is commonly used in short meetings, where one or two participants do not speak the common language used in the meeting.

Liaison Interpreting:

This type of interpreting is commonly used to overcome language barriers between two people in meetings of the public and private sector. The interpreter orally translates between two speakers in the two working languages without the need for equipment.

Distant Interpreting:

This type of interpreting is gaining ground as some organisers, for many reasons including cost, choose to hold their meeting on-line and hires an interpreter to do either phone interpreting or Skype interpreting. Our team is experienced in this technique.

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