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Dubbing is the replacement of the original language in which an audio-visual work (film, series, etc.) was shot by a language spoken by the population of the geographical areas where the work is to be broadcast. It is also used to replace, in whole or in part, the voice of one actor by that of another in the language in which the film was shot, for artistic or other reasons.

Dubbing is a time-consuming work process which, before getting to the final product, goes through transcription and finally voice recording.

Transcription takes place when the person who holds the tape to be dubbed does not have a script that needs to be translated before recording.

Here, translation is synchronized with the original text based on the speed of the verbal flow and the movement of the actors' lips on the screen.

At the end of this process, in a studio, the sound engineer in charge recording, the artistic director and the actors meet. Watching the film on the screen, the actors read their text, which scrolls under the image on the tape, synchronising it as much as possible with the movement of the characters' lips.

Our team of translators boasts the finest dubbing and sub-titling specialists who, after completing their translation studies and gaining experience, followed specialised training and have become experts. We have dubbed many movies, especially from the Nigerian film industry.

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