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PERFECTIONIST saw the light of the day to bridge the gap between languages by putting together a unique mix of who’s who and the finest young professionals to provide state-of-the-art services in languages, translation, interpretation, conference management, financial analysis, coaching, mentoring and capacity building.


Again, in our globalized world, walls between professions and trades are collapsing gradually, giving way to a market place where selling in silos is tantamount to stagnation. As this truism calls for innovative solutions, besides its core fields, PERFECTIONIST stands out by providing a co-working environment, a community camp where experts in various fields can meet, challenge one another, share ideas, peer-learn and leverage on a wide array of resources, aiming at providing the highest service quality.


Anchored on creative and future-oriented processes, our company, with its modern and dynamic premises, is setting new standards. Driven by the passion for perfection, our hand-picked top-notch professionals make our clients proud to be CLIENTS.

PERFECTIONIST is the first Remote Simultaneous Interpretation Hub in Cameroon and in Central Africa, offering a conducive and ideal setting for remote interpreting. With multiple high speed internet connections, a backup generator, state of the art equipment (computers, soundproof microphone headsets, etc), and expert technical assistance, Remote Simultaneous Interpretation becomes a walk in the park. This is why a wide array of top notch professional interpreters around Africa have made our hub their new office from where they service meetings for local and international entities such as  the WHO, the African Development Bank, the African Union, the International Monetary Fund, and others. 


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